Gedalyah Reback, the TechnoScribe

My name is Gedalyah Reback, and I started The TechnoScribe as my own business venture for amplifying expertise and marketing resources for startups. 

Serving B2B SaaS and B2D companies, I have a rich history writing deeply technical content for broad audiences and product marketing experience focusing on specific personas or corners of the industry.

I amplify both your and your brand’s thought leadership and reputation as experts.

That comes through my work with long-term content plans and content strategy, including writing much of the tech-heavy content with detail and depth.

All the while, a voice breaks through that meshes your brand personality, your own personality, and technical acumen together.



Writing & UX


Gedalyah Reback provides technical content marketing services as The TechnoScribe.
Transform your brand narrative with our bespoke content marketing services. From compelling stories to engaging multimedia, we craft content that captivates and converts.
Gedalyah Reback provides product marketing services as The TechnoScribe.
Unlock the full potential of your products with our cutting-edge marketing strategies. We’re here to elevate your brand and drive demand with innovative solutions tailored just for you.
Gedalyah Reback provides technical writing and UX writing services as The TechnoScribe.
Elevate user experience with our technical documentation and UX services. Precision-engineered documentation meets intuitive design, ensuring your users not only understand your product but love using it
Gedalyah Reback provides thought leadership services as The TechnoScribe.
Stake out your territory as a mind to melded with. Thought leadership goes beyond your product to contribute something bigger to the industry and world at large. Ghostwriters or collaborating with an experienced writer like Gedalyah Reback will hone your ideas, express them in your voice, and amplify them in the way they need to be heard.

Gedalyah Reback: Putting the Scribe into Technology
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You always need SEO. Search engines underlie every kind of writing today. So when we discuss SEO for technical content, I want you to keep in mind that EVERY kind of content has to be ‘findable’ for its target audience. The Swiftie needs to find your TikTok dancing to the latest single just as much …
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