Gedalyah Reback: Putting the Scribe into Technology

Gedalyah Reback showing his son how to use a qulmus/quill when writing a Megillat Esther
Gedalyah Reback showing his son how to use a qulmus/quill when writing a Megillat Esther

I’ve always been a writing enthusiast, even as I’ve branched out to research, product marketing, and other aspects of tech. But that love of writing goes beyond simply writing, deep and technical content.

I like to *literally* write.

Years ago, I took a course for ספרות סת״ם, or the scribal arts for writings Torahs, mezuzahs, tefillin, and megillahs. This isn’t *exactly* calligraphy, but it’s in the same family.

I started my first megillah, in this case the Book of Esther, about 13 years ago. But it’s been on the backburner for a long time. This year, it was time to finish it.

You can see me here working on the ‘big column’ that lists the 10 sons of Haman.

Gedalyah Reback writing a Megillat Esther
Gedalyah Reback writing a Megillat Esther

Approaches to how to write this column differ, but a lot of people choose to trace and fill in the bigger terms with whatever קולמוס (quill) they typically use.

You can see me here making those outlines, filling them in, and using the opportunity to let me kids try it out.

Writing comes in a few forms within scribal work like this.

A Megillat Esther is considered both the most basic and yet the most vital kind of work any scribe should do – its standards are easier to deal with than mezuzahs or tefillin and takes less time than a whole Torah.

It’s also something that will ALWAYS be useful.

My experience is definitely more extensive in the “Techno” part of the name – I’ve got 1,000 blogs, tech news articles, tutorials, guides, and technical docs to my name.

I’ve worked on campaigns and content in cyber, AI/ML, observability, B2B SaaS, and aerospace.

I like to make sure that I stand out when I publish something, including some piece of unique info that the competition doesn’t have in their materials.

I like to make sure I can put my own finesse on top of formal writing and casual pieces.

In short, I want content to stand out not just for what it says but how it says it, so the clients I have can differentiate themselves in more ways than one to their target audience.

If you are interested in getting more done with content that *actually* contributes something new and makes sure you rank high (in more ways than one) versus your competition, get in touch.

I’d love to chat.

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