I’m an open-minded and adaptable technology analyst and content marketer, with experience explaining how new technologies and products work to different audiences. I have got a tendency to look at problems as challenges and approach things thinking that most any problem definitely has a solution. I am a highly motivated strategic thinker who is pushed by a likewise dynamic and fast-moving environment.

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I started The TechnoScribe because there is a need to change the conversation about writing in tech. I’m an experienced product marketer, the foundations of which are built on years of experience in digital marketing, content marketing, technical writing, ‘technical content’ writing, and a decade — give or take — in the Israeli high-tech ecosystem. I moved to Israel after graduating Rutgers University, having delved into Middle Eastern Studies (specializing on Iran and Shi’ite Islam) and Linguistics (focused on language acquisition).

I spent time in Yeshivas — the Jewish equivalent to seminaries — taking some building-block programs in Rabbinics (including Hebrew scribal writing; but don’t call me a Rabbi!). I also couple years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in a pre-MA program (dubbed השלמות in Hebrew), before deciding I needed money to fuel my dream of being a Middle East expert.

My passion for those fields notwithstanding, I have evolved into a veteran of the tech scene in Israel. I worked two years as a journalist for Geektime, Israel’s answer to TechCrunch, where I wrote nearly 700 articles covering startups from around the world in verticals like:

  1. Space
  2. Language – NLP, NLU, NLG
  3. Machine translation, translation memory
  4. Cyber security (or “cybersecurity,” my preferred spelling but Google n-grams claims the two-word phrase is more popular)
  5. Healthtech
  6. Fintech and insurtech
  7. Big data
  8. Edtech
  9. Robotics, AI, ML, etc.

The list goes on. I jumped back into writing — content marketing, brand journalism, ghostwriting, editing, white papers, what have you — at companies like Orbs (blockchain) and INFI (psychology-based customer targeting), before I got to the world of observability. I spent 3.5 years at Logz.io and Rookout, covering DevOps like crazy. I managed and wrote the majority of both companies’ blogs, plus every kind of text you can name. My digital desk was covered with one-pagers, white papers, gated and un-gated content, press releases, technical docs, UX tasks, email campaigns, thought leadership, case studies, use cases, thought leadership, expert interviews, and most importantly technical tutorials.

Like, a lot of tutorials.

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